Veritas NetBackup

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Quick background

Veritas NetBackup is data backup and recovery product. The product's user experience had never been upgraded from its Java GUI interface in more than 25 years until in 2017 when the UX team at Veritas took up the challenge to transform the ancient GUI into the new 'modern' and simple experience that it is today. It has definitely been an exciting journey!


We followed the standard design process with the back-end and front-end developers. 


Final result

We transformed the NetBackup experience from a Windows95 appearance and functionality to a simple, intuitive and modern experience.



Knowledge sharing: Big data

Project 2

Project 1

Project 3

Quick design exploration: Wireframes

Shipment verification application 

This application helps keep track of shipments ordered.

Other projects

An application for parents who's young children live away from home (e.g. hostels / dorms)

Track Progress

A 1 day rapid wire-frame creation with basic visual design to keep track of your demand vs output.